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Greeting from CEO

The use of computers is no longer only on the desk because the evolution of  IT technology and electronic technology has led to "familiarity with wearable computers" to become expanding worldwide began to appear in recent years.
It is an era that requires a wide range of technologies in a big stream, such as combining systems with different technologies and networking.
I consider that it is necessary to the following 3 points.
 1st :Wide variety technology.
 2nd :Technology combining multiple technologies.
 3rd :High consultancy ability to solve problems by considering "needs, technology, era".
If you combine these three points with certainty, we will build a evolution of the society that was in line with the times. Our policy is "active technology【=A-TECH】" suitable for such multimedia age.
I think that the above activities are a matter of course to us.
I will always take in new technologies and I want to walk this era with a considering to new ideas beyond the framework.

CEO Akira Horiuchi

Company Profile

Company Name A-TECH Co., Ltd.
Location 1-15-1 Gusukuma, Urasoe-city, Okinawa-pref., Japan
TEL:+81-98-988-0123 FAX:+81-98-878-0209
CEO Akira Horiuchi
Date of
April 27, 2000
  1. A comprehensive consultant on communications.
  2. Planning, design, estimate, construction, manufacture, sale, maintenance of communication system.
  3. Facility planning, design, estimate, construction.
  4. Dispatch business of engineers.
  5. In addition, any business regarding to the above.

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