Case List


Produce total crime prevention system according to location characteristics.

This is an example of suggesting a crime prevention system of apartment. We investigated the site, checked the features of the topography and buildings, and listed places that will be blind spots. In consideration of how effectively you can prevent crime, we have selected locations to install surveillance equipment, selected cameras and network equipment. We do not only do construction of any crime prevention equipment, but also produce a crime prevention system by total consultation.

Interior design starting from the concept of the store.

This is an example of suggesting the interior of a shop dealing with souvenirs and groceries. We planned to place a large dragon's object along the stairs going up to the second floor. It gives a strong impact to customers walking along the street and encourages customers to attract the second floor. Considering how you can get attention from customers and how you will enjoy it, we propose from the basic concept of store.

Whole system for All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

About Domestic.
We do maintenance for the equipment related such as the network, telephone, radio and PC.


Airport Field

Technical staff are stationed at the airport to maintain and technical support for all communication equipment of for All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. [=ANA] .

Surveillance camera construction

It is an important surveillance camera for monitoring apron spots in airport.
This camera is to check whether unloading work and refueling work from airplane are done safely.
We are engaged for construction of communications, power supply and other facilities of All Nippon Airways (ANA).

ANA International Cargo Area

About International.
We do maintenance for the equipment related such as the network, telephone, radio and PC.


Construction of satellite tracking parabola antenna

Example of installation work of a parabolic antenna for observation of QZSS "quasi-zenith satellite system" operated by JAXA (Onna village NICT premises)

It was a very difficult construction that required high precision, such as inclination error must be within 0.5 degrees, but it was completed without trouble.
As of December 2016, operation has been maintained for 8 years without problems.